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Digital Marketing

Branded user experiences, responsive websites, & more.

The Pocket Dispensary

Taking the experience of getting your medicine to the next level.

Film & A/V Production

The power of audio visual creativity & storytelling.
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Graphic Design

Pixel pushing your wildest ideas to the next level.
BBQ & Burgers Smokehouse Front of house Large Display Logo

Give your brand a creative edge.

Tell your story.                        Build a visual identity & Optimize for the future.

BBQ & Burgers Smokehouse Front of house Large Display Logo

BBQ & Burgers Smokehouse

Black Zebra Productions Logo on a Iphone Case

Black Zebra Productions

Portrait photography of Khemia MFG CEO Mindy Galloway

Khemia MFG

Logo for Viola Blu Photography with background image

Viola Blu Photography

business cards for Barrios Towing

Barrios Towing

Logo for Balanced Book Keeping

Balanced Book Keeping

creativesamuraii brand sample for apparel design

Three Sisters Gardens

sample for product design for The Poeple's Toci Treats

The People's Toci Treats

sample for branding expansion for Toasty Sacramento


Photograph of creativesamuraii with Luke from Prophet Brands


BizBlend Creatives image for YouTube

BizBlend Creatives

sample of responsive website design for The Pocket Dispensary

The Pocket Dispensary

branded image for The Rekoning Podcast

The Rekoning Podcast

your business is an investment.

Right now tons of businesses are leaving money on the table by not taking full advantage of new technology, creative marketing strategies, & investing their money for the future.

Humberto helps people navigate branding, digital marketing, & more. With over 5 years of experience & the most diverse set of skills, he brings a high level of creative control right to the palm of your hands. 

"El Talento"

Humberto Jimenez

Helping people navigate branding, digital marketing, & more since 2018.

Humberto has launched & helped grow distinctive, award-winning, & top-grossing brands in consumer lifestyle spaces, educational institutions, & various non-profit sectors ..

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